An Altar of Roses- Lantern Publications

An Altar of Roses- Lantern Publications

The paucity of quality literature in the novel genre has often led our community resorting to western novels to fill the gap. Lantern publications along with Shia Books has embarked on a project to introduce quality novels, both fiction and non fiction to the community. 

At this time, we are translating quality works from Farsi and eventually will be producing original works from authors around the world. 

Novels have a way of contributing to the cultural mindset of an individual and hence is a powerful medium of influence and education especially in the young generation. 

The very first of such publication is a charming, funny, powerful and yet emotive memoirs of Zahra Panahi Rava.

An Altar of Roses is a collection of the memoirs of a young lady’s marriage and life with a Commander and Martyr of the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Commander Ali Chītsāzīān. This heart touching memoir is a reflection of true faith and true love in the path of the Almighty and a rare glimpse into the mindset and moral sanctum of a Revolutionary Guards’ family that is in stark contrast with the image that is commonly portrayed in the West.

The book charts a picture of a family devoted to the preservation of the pure principles of Islam through self sacrifice and devotion. The title reflects the nature of the ultimate sacrifice at this young bride and her husband made through their short life together. 

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