About us

Our first and singular aim is improve readership in the community!  We are a small venture aimed at bringing quality Shia literature and content to the Australian Community and the world making it easier and cheaper than ever to purchase quality books from around the globe. We have partnered with publishers in Australia, the UK, USA, CANADA and IRAN to bring you the best available.

The wealth of quality literature that is available for from our great Shia scholars (past and present) is unsurpassed. We at Shia Books are passionate about bringing some of that to the Australian shores! We now also feature specialised content (lectures) that believers around the world can download.

Located in South West Sydney, we deliver all over Australia at very reasonable rates. We are continuing to grow our collections and if you do not see a book you are after please let  us know!

Please contact us if you like any further information. info@shiabooks.com.au